At BforB, we always look forward to our annual awards evening. A chance to be able to recognise members who have achieved various milestones in their careers and as members of our network throughout the past year. It’s an evening of recognition for a special group of professionals who have made extraordinary and long-lasting contributions to their groups and to their industry, both personally and professionally, and these achievements are always a great reason to celebrate.

So, as we launch the BforB awards, we started to think about recognition and celebration in each of our own businesses throughout the year.

As a business owner, or a team leader, have you raised a glass to last month’s successful efforts?

Don’t forget it’s important to celebrate you and your team’s success for the sake of improvement in team spirit and performance. There are several reasons why you should be recognising both individual and team success throughout the year, if you aren’t doing so already.

But first things first, what is success?

How do you define success for you and your team? Is success making a certain amount of revenue in the previous month? Or is it a % year-on-year growth in terms of sales? These benchmarks could be identifiers of success, however, success does not always have to be something that involves money or a long term effort.

You should celebrate success whenever one achieves a goal. Short term objectives count still. Personal efforts also count when the achievement contributes to the team’s common goals. Basically, everything that gets done and contributes to the mission of the team is a team success.

Success sharing and celebration are both important. Both are extremely beneficial for team performance and should not be taken lightly.

Success stories can be very helpful. They are the practical tips others can adapt in order to solve similar problems. Besides, success stories are a great source of inspiration for others to excel. Think about why you read biographies of successful people in various fields? Not all the tips you come across are applicable to your personal and professional life, however, you are inspired by their strong will to excel at what they do and their passion to make a difference. Sharing stories helps strengthen your team as they become more and more familiar with one another.

Recognising success is very powerful. Peer recognition brings fulfilment because it reinforces the meaning of one’s hard work. When you show your respect to one’s achievement, you are likely to boost his or her self-esteem, which is the second highest need of a person according to Maslow’s hierarchy.

Recognising both individual and team achievement helps build a sense of solidarity and identity for the whole team. Building a great team is a challenging job. You should take pride in your team’s success by taking the time and effort to celebrate it. Whenever one achieves a goal, acknowledge your appreciation in a timely and public manner.

Recognise employee achievement and you will reap the rewards from their motivation and loyalty.


This year’s BforB awards will showcase of all the Regional Groups, Directors and Members, with awards for:-

  • Member of the Year
  • Best New Member 2018
  • Referral Master of the Year
  • Moderator of the Year
  • Co-ordinator of the Year
  • Host of the Year
  • Executive Team of the Year
  • Venue of the Year
  • Franchisee of the Year

How to get involved

Please email us at for a copy of the nomination form and the judging criteria. Last year was a huge success and we intend to make 2018 even better.  If you feel that someone in your group deserves an award then NOMINATE them yourself!

Closing date for entries is Friday 26th October at 6:00pm.


The Event

The event is being held on Friday 9th November 2018 (from 6:30pm), and will be held at the Lancashire County Cricket Club.  There will be a champagne reception upon arrival, three-course dinner and post dinner entertainment.  Tickets can be purchased individually, or in groups.

Ahead of the Awards night – please check out the link below to book your tickets.

If you haven’t been a member for a while, then take this opportunity to reconnect with BforB.

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We look forward to your continued support and on behalf of the BforB team, the best of luck to all the entrants and looking forward to meeting lots of you on the big night.