The desire for an opportunity to ‘do something completely different’ with her professional life prompted Ramona Leach to investigate the idea of buying a franchise.

Within months of first dipping her toe into the proverbial waters, Ramona is now ‘extremely excited’ to have signed up to be the Regional Director for BforB in Leicester, and looking forward to launching her first group later this summer.

“This is a big opportunity for me, and I’m very pleased to be on board with BforB,” said Ramona. “BforB, and in particular Mel Fisher, has been extremely welcoming and helpful since the first meeting in April; I’m in good hands, and I’m already getting excellent training and support.”

Ramona is Romanian by birth, and arrived in the UK in 2007, when the British company she was working for in her home country offered her the opportunity to relocate. She jumped at the chance, and 12 years later she is happily established in Leicester, married to an Englishman, a British citizen, and enjoying being a part of her local community.

“I worked for TW Kempton, a corporate clothing company, as a quality control manager, overseeing their production placed in Romanian factories,” she said.

“A member of staff in Leicester, where their headquarters is, retired, and they invited me over as a replacement, which was a fantastic opportunity for me; I was a technical manager, but after 10 years I felt I needed a change from the textile industry, and started to look for fresh opportunities.

“I was approached by the executive search firm Knight Franchises, who offered to introduce me to the world of franchising,” she said. “It was then I started investigating what was available, looking into how it worked, and I thought to myself: ‘I could do that’!”

Earlier this year Ramona did a suitability assessment, which Knight Franchises do with all potential franchisees to work out what they think will best suit, and as a result, BforB was recommended to her.

“It really appealed to me,” she said. “I started researching, and then asked for a meeting with Mel, and things developed from there; I was suitably impressed, and had no hesitation in taking up the challenge.

“Having done so, I am now really looking forward to getting started, and building up some busy networking groups.”

And what is it about running business networking groups that appeals to her? Said Ramona: “For me, it’s about giving something back to the community – I was made very welcome when I first arrived in Leicester, and accepted by everyone, and because of that I want to give something back.

“So I want to help businesses develop and grow through great networking and referral marketing, and I think the BforB format is perfect for this – structured, but relaxed, and I am going to be fully focussed on making it work in Leicester, and growing a lively community of local businesses.”

Ramona’s first BforB meeting is at The Belmont Hotel, in Leicester city centre, on Thursday, August 22nd.