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Business Networking

Everyday BforB members and their contacts as well as business colleagues attend BforB meetings to participate in one of the worlds most cost effective ways of generating leads through referral marketing.

Building your business through business relationships is the most sustainable way to growth and development. Over the years we have helped thousands of businesses meet their new best customers, new strategic partners and excellent suppliers. Getting actively involved at BforB meetings also encourages you keep in contact with your existing client base, improve your services and enjoying access to hours of free expert support from a group of like minded business owners interested in getting you in front of their clients and connections.

Most of the best referrals we have seen over the years have come from very unusual industries or sectors and have been transacted by the most patient and proactive business owners. Networking can work as a very powerful tool for all organizations of any size, industry or location. Many successful entrepreneurs nurture their wealth of contacts by regularly connecting with them.

It is at the end of the day a ‘net’ working.

Our philosophy works on the ‘Know, Like and Trust’ principle. Part of getting to know you is having the opportunity to  a one to one meeting with all the members of the team. By demonstrating your genuine interest we get to like you and when finally you receive a referral and you followed up promptly trust gently eases into the system and the group.

Continually nurturing that relationship by regularly attending BforB networking events you will as a result develop a group of business advocate that will be happily promoting your business at every opportunity.