31 07, 2019

Be an early bird – and maximise your BforB experience!

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The early bird, as the proverb goes, catches the worm. And it’s true for business networking: arrive early, and make the connections that the latecomers might miss out on. Networking is an essential part of growing a business – whether you’ve just started it, or whether you want to build it and grow. However valuable [...]

22 07, 2019

Referral marketing with BforB – the cost effective, sustainable way to generate new business leads and growth!

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Why are we proud of BforB? Why do we passionately believe in the principle of ‘know, like, trust’? And why is BforB the best place for serious referral marketing? Simple: because it works! By Nicky Thomas BforB is a place where businesses can develop strong and sustainable relationships that turn into potential opportunities to grow [...]

5 07, 2019

BforB is Ramona’s ‘big opportunity’ to give something back to her local community, and make a difference

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The desire for an opportunity to ‘do something completely different’ with her professional life prompted Ramona Leach to investigate the idea of buying a franchise. Within months of first dipping her toe into the proverbial waters, Ramona is now ‘extremely excited’ to have signed up to be the Regional Director for BforB in Leicester, and [...]

25 06, 2019

Lee’s ‘Victor’ moment inspired his enthusiasm to buy in to BforB!

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It was the American entrepreneur Victor Kiam who famously said, about a product he was selling in a TV advert: “I liked the shaver so much, I bought the company” That quote has almost become a cliché now, but it was what Lee Vincent was thinking as he shook hands with BforB MD Mel Fisher, [...]

19 06, 2019

Sent to Coventry for another successful BforB launch!

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Another BforB group has been launched, this time an evening meeting in Coventry. It is the second BforB group in the city, with the fortnightly Friday morning meet gathering pace. The new evening group will meet every other Tuesday from 6.30pm to 8pm, and it’s launch, at the Citrus Hotel, on the outskirts of Coventry, [...]

3 06, 2019

Our Czech mates celebrate a decade of great networking

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BforB is proud that our network – and networking – spreads far and wide, throughout the UK, and around the world. And to that extent, many congratulations to BforB in the Czech Republic, which has been celebrating its 10th anniversary. There, BforB operates, and supports, local entrepreneurs in 20 cities throughout the country, with 55 [...]

15 04, 2019

Prevention is better than cure – health screening is the passport to a longer, healthier life.

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BforB is privileged to have members representing a multitude of trades, industries and professions. Among them is healthcare, and we’re delighted to give a platform to Pat Fegan, who runs Solihull Health Check Clinic with his wife Eileen. Pat and Eileen gave the Spotlight feature at our Birmingham meeting on April 16th, and fascinating it [...]

5 04, 2019

The pull of Hull, as another BforB network group prepares for take-off!

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The continued growth of BforB continues, with the launch of another new group later this month, this time in Hull.

21 03, 2019

How the examples of sporting icons can work for your business

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Many of us marvel at the achievements of some of the world’s greatest sportsmen and women. Those who rise head and shoulders above their rivals don’t do it overnight: talent is given, greatness is earned, usually by hours and hours of toil and sweat. The world of business has many similarities to sport: preparation, competition, [...]

18 03, 2019

Shout loud and proud about your business

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…… and if you do so consistently, then networking will become very rewarding!   When your goal is to run a successful business, the best advice you will ever get is that you go out networking. It is, or should be, a key part of any marketing strategy. The simple fact is this: if you [...]