Women’s empowerment and Franchising – A winning combination

There are no doubts that women have come a long way globally to gain equal rights to their male counterparts in different facets of society. Women have had to struggle a lot more to break glass ceilings and to push society as a whole out of their old ways of thinking, to realise the crucial roles women can and do play in helping to build businesses and sustainable economies.

So, are women just wired to succeed in business? Well according to research, women naturally excel in 3 key skill areas that propel them in the business environment. They are communication, initiative and emotional intelligence. Women are also better at multi-tasking, a vital tool for running any efficient business and they also seem to be more intuitive than men, or at least more willing to listen to their inner voices. This makes them more sensitive to nuance, picking up those subtle signals, which can be an important information resource in business dealings.

Women also tend to be more patient and open to sharing their knowledge with work colleagues, thus expanding and reinforcing their networking system. In some cases, a woman’s more compassionate nature better motivates employees and helps attract customers.

Women are steadily closing the gaps in business and no more so than in the franchising world. Whether they are breaking into existing industries or franchising their own companies, many of them are paving the way for others to do the same.

Women are amazing executers and also amazing collaborators. When done correctly, franchising is an amazing community of collaboration – you’re essentially coming into a family. That’s really attractive to women, who always want to be a part of something bigger. For many of these women, the franchising community has proven to be one that breeds openness and mentorship. The openness is in many ways built into the structure of franchising.

While most small-business owners function primarily alone, franchisees are provided with the “built-in” community of the wider franchising industry as well as other franchisees. You’re in business for yourself, but not by yourself. Franchisees have the unique opportunity to start a business with access to the experiences of a network of individuals going through remarkably similar processes. In the case of emerging franchises, relationships between franchisees are especially critical to success. Because women in general are collaborative and want to create win-win relationships, they make wonderful franchisors.

The franchise model is also appealing to women who are in search of the financial security and flexibility that is becoming increasingly difficult to attain in the corporate world. Almost all of our franchise directors at BforB say that spending more time with their families and finding a more rewarding career were the driving factors for them investing in their BforB franchise.

While running a franchise can be hard work, it allows entrepreneurs to structure their time to fit in with their needs. Furthermore, franchising allows female entrepreneurs to pursue their passions. Women in franchising report being first drawn to their product, so find something you are passionate about, and that’s a good start!  At BforB we are passionate about connecting people.

Networking is not about just connecting people. It’s about connecting people with people, people with ideas, and people with opportunities”. Michele Jennae

More than anything, women in franchising advise other women not to be limited by stereotypes. You want to look at all the different options and don’t limit yourself because you think “that’s something men do”. Women know just as much about “male” orientated businesses as men do.

Women have the ability to be empathetic and understanding… and they’re less likely to be trying to do everything on their own.

So, ladies, what are you waiting for, why not contact BforB to find out more about us and start your franchise journey with us today.