Successful networking takes time. Becoming great at what you do takes time. The same is true with winning business, or building trust at your BforB meeting.

So let us look at this scenario: having attended your first BforB meeting you were really impressed, and decide that networking does work.

So you applied for membership, and two weeks later you attended your first meeting, did your first 60 seconds pitch, which you thought went well, and booked in a few one to one meetings with your fellow BforB members immediately.

Back to the office, you follow up with everyone, but the following week, looking at your sales pipeline, you see nothing has changed.

You went regularly to your fortnightly BforB meeting, and after a couple of months have passed you feel a little better, but your sales are still lacking significant change.

But at BforB we talk about the ‘90 day experience’. We know from experience that with 90 days of FOCUS, DISCIPLINE and CONSISTENCY you WILL notice significant improvement.

Your 60 seconds pitch feels easier, you’ve delivered your Business Spotlight, had your BforB training session, and you’ve invited few guests at your BforB group.

You really will feel the progress.

Success is achieved by being both consistent and focused on your goal.

Some members have been lucky enough to walk in to a group with few referrals already waiting for them. However, to build sustainable source of referrals, and becoming a successful referral marketing advocate, it is all down to your networking habit.

Once you begin to experience success through being focussed and consistent, the easier the process becomes – just like turning up for your first BforB meeting, doing your first 60 seconds, or Business Spotlight: it may well be intimidating at first, but the second time you do it is much easier, and thereafter it’s a case of perfecting the new skills you have acquired, and it all becomes much easier.

The odd thing is, the more you improve, the more referrals you will generate.

But why stop there? You will find that your customers and business friends will be joining your successful groups. Help them succeed and develop, and soon you will become part of a team of entrepreneurs looking out for business opportunities for all the member of your groups.

Apply TLC (Training, Learning, Coaching) in your group, and together you will thrive and succeed.

Successful networking takes time. But it’s well worth the effort!