Wow, how time flies! It doesn’t seem five minutes ago that we were breaking up for the Christmas and New Year holiday, and now here we are in February already. How time flies when you’re enjoying yourself!

And at BforB we are enjoying ourselves. Sure, many people see January is the most miserable month of the year – post Christmas blues, dark nights, and miserable weather. But at BforB, we’re of the ‘January affords frest opportunities’ persuasion, and as we move into the second month of 2019, we are all very excited about the road ahead.

So last month we hit the ground running after the holiday. We’ve taken on new BforB franchisees, we’ve opened groups in new areas, signed up new members, and had great feedback from our guests. And that has put a spring in our collective heel.

It is always interesting to hear what people tell us they like about coming to BforB. We welcome feedback, but it seems we’re doing ok as we are. People like the idea of committing to BforB once every OTHER week, rather than once a week. As one new member told us: “…the weekly commitment is too much for me, but it’s much easier for me to work my diary around coming along fortnightly…”

Other positive feedback includes being impressed by the formal structure of our BforB meetings, but also the informal attitude around the room. Again, this from a new member: “…there’s more improvisation at a BforB meeting, which allows for flexibility from the script: some of it good humoured, some of it anecdotal, and some of it supportive; I find it much more comfortable than the rigidity I’ve experienced elsewhere…”  

And another plus, observed by a recent guest to one of our meetings, was the extra networking opportunities. So at a BforB meeting, we do the introductions, then our members and guests have the opportunity to tell the room what they do, we then have our ‘spotlight’ segment, in which a member is given the opportunity to enlighten the room about what they do, and how they can help other members, or people they know.

After that we take a break, giving members and guests an immediate opportunity to catch a quick natter with someone who they think they might be able to refer, or use themselves, or to arrange a 1to1 while it’s fresh in the mind. Said one recent guest: “I liked that; many the times I’ve been networking, thought I’d like to have a word with someone after hearing their pitch, but by the time the formal part of the meeting’s over I’ve missed the opportunity, probably because they’ve left in a hurry.”

Some lovely feedback, and much appreciated. We listen to all feedback, good, bad or constructive. But the comments we’ve received this month are another reminder of why we’re proud of our BforB meetings, and looking forward to what the rest of 2019 can bring us.

If the rest of the year flies by as quickly as January did, we’ll soon be preparing for Christmas again. But time does fly when you’re having fun! Find your nearest BforB and see what the buzz is all about.