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Ladies group ~ Tuesday’s ~ Bi-weekly ~ 10.30 a.m. to 12.00. Email : mel@bforb.com for invite.

Karen Randall is truly an amazing lady; talented, friendly and above all a great advocate for all women in business. Karen’s business ‘Sixothree Marketing’ is her passion and it oozes out of her. She’s creative, inspiring and a great person to know and work with. I only met Karen last summer (it does feel like we’ve known each other a little longer) and I loved finding out more about what makes Karen tick and why she chose BforB.

“When I met you at the GM Biz Expo last June at the Hilton Hotel I was immediately struck by your openness and friendliness. We exhibited opposite each other and I think we kept each other on form and sane.   You discussed the new Ladies Ainscow group you were launching and I liked the idea of joining a new group and being one of the founder members. Your passion for BforB was contagious”.

  • I was happy to have you as one of the first members. How do you think the group’s getting on?

“The group has been steadily building for a couple of months. We have some amazing ladies. Everyone is really friendly, encouraging and motivational. When I joined a few of us were new to networking and so it didn’t feel as daunting, which was a bonus. What I do appreciate is that you are also actively trying to refer business and it’s apparent that we’re on your mind constantly. If we don’t say it, we really do appreciate it”.

  • Who would you like to see joining the group?

“Any other dynamic ladies who want to be part of our team. For me, anyone who needs fantastic marketing to help them achieve the very best for their business”.

  • What do you like about BforB?

“We are consciously focused on referring quality business. I also like the 10 minute spotlight as it helps to highlight areas that we can help with and learn more about each other and our businesses. I did like the educational 10 minutes that Heather from North West Headshots did on photography and cameras. Really helpful and added a new dimension to Heather’s talents”.

  • Is the group working for you?

“Yes; I’m not generating actual business at the moment, but I know this will come in time. What has been a big help has been the number of suppliers that I am now working with, which increases the services I can offer as a business to my clients. Another aspect I like is that I’m gaining confidence and getting business advice from some great people. Kate at GLP Solicitors has been amazing helping me with legal documents”.

  • What’s your biggest business challenge?

“As marketing is at the sharp end, my biggest business challenge is to make absolutely sure I’m up-to-date with all the latest technology, particularly in digital marketing which is constantly evolving”.

  • And your career high?

“Now! Looking back at what I’ve achieved I’m immensely proud. When I set out I couldn’t envisage how successful Sixothree would be, so quickly. I really love what I do”.

Quick fire round …..

  • Favourite meal?  Traditional roast dinner every time.
  • Pets?                     No, but I had a lovely white fluffy rabbit as a child. Called ‘Fluff
  • First job?              Waitress at a local pub in Somerset while I was at college.
  • Favourite car?     The one I drive now .. it’s my second VW Scirocco. Love it.

Finally we asked Karen for her personal mantra.

“There’s no substitute for hard work”.   

 Karen Randall @ Sixothree Marketing

Mel Fisher, Director BforB UK