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Contact : Tony Hayes, BforB Regional Director for an invite; email .

Paul Brown runs the extremely successful Bury Financial Advisers, which he set up in 2008. The business has since gone from strength to strength. Paul joined BforB 7 years ago, in 2009! We’d like to think there is a distinct pattern to the dates, but we know Paul has worked diligently to build his business success. We were still interested to find out why he joined BforB.

“I’ll be completely honest, BforB was the first network group I tried. I’m not a shopper and the group seemed OK so I signed on the dotted line after the first meeting. I actually did a google search for networking in Bury and picked up the phone to Tony Hayes. Tony and I are now drinking buddies and firm friends, along with Dan from Brytannic. We’ve had some great nights out”.

  • Do you network elsewhere?

“No, only the BforB Bury with Tony. My colleague Brett also has a BforB membership in Ashton / Droylsden and he sometimes subs for at Bury”

  • What do you like about BforB?

“The group is snappy and forces you to be on form and paying attention; not always easy at 6.30 a.m.! 60 seconds isn’t a long time so your message needs to be to the point and grab people’s immediate interest. If you can’t sell your own business in 60 seconds you’re in the wrong job”.

  • Is there anything you would like to see changed?

“I did make a suggestion which we ran with for one week. It was a general business discussion opened across the table where we could all learn from a specific area, or share a business issue we had and be able to ask for advice. I wouldn’t want this to become a war story from the group members but it could in my opinion prove extremely beneficial. I’d like to see more of that”.

  • What’s your biggest business challenge?

“Too many clients! I am in a very fortuitous position right now, thanks to BforB and a lot of hard work. I will continue to attend BforB as a large number of the members are clients and it is a great bi-weekly opportunity to see them. The groups don’t just provide new clients. To quantify a membership just in that way would be incorrect”.

  • We encourage members to bring guests. Is this easy for you?

“My clientele is mainly retail so I’m not exposed to a large number of businesses that would benefit from BforB. If I meet someone and feel it’s a good opportunity for them then of course I invite them”.

Quick fire round …..

First job?              Shelf stacker at Kwik Save.

First car?             Mazda MX5 mark 2, gold convertible

Meal of choice?  Fish .. John Dory or Seabass.

Drink of choice?  Green nutribullet shake (yes really) !

Finally we asked Paul for his personal mantra.

“Motion creates emotion”.

Paul Brown @ Bury Financial Advisors Ltd

Mel Fisher,  Director BforB UK