LOVE is in the air. Love is all around us. And why shouldn’t it be. It’s Valentine’s Day, and love will be the focus for many people throughout the day. Romance lives on around the world, and long may it do so.

Here at BforB we love our partners, those of us in a relationship; that’s in our personal lives, while professionally, love is a very important part of every day. It is so important to love what we do for a living, and for those of us who run a business we have to feel passionate about every aspect of it, ultimately so it is successful, and continues to thrive.

Networking is something you should love doing to get the best out of it. Like anything in life, if you do it half-heartedly you will struggle to make an impact. But if you do it from the heart, then your enthusiasm will rub off on you. And that’s what we encourage at BforB.

Love your networking. Love coming along to the meetings, love getting referrals, and giving them too; love the support you get from fellow members, and love that the meetings are structured and well organised to make sure members and guests take the most out of them, but informal and fun at the same time. A little bit of fun goes a long way!

We are loving growing our BforB brand around the UK and beyond. And we are also loving the enthusiasm of new members and guests, who are coming along to a meeting, and are completely blown away by their experience.

Take Peter Jones, who has just joined BforB in Coventry. A seasoned networker, he says BforB works perfectly for him. He said: “You name it, I’ve tried it when it comes to networking. Some networking groups were too formal and overly zealous in how you contribute, which I felt uncomfortable with; some were too informal, where you turn up and only get to meet a handful of people for one reason or another.

“There were other networking meetings I went to which were ok, but just didn’t work for me as a PR and media specialist, and though I am in no doubt at all about the importance of getting out there and networking, I wasn’t enjoying it.

“So when I got invited to a BforB meeting I went along because I was on a diet at the time, and thought a nice cooked breakfast would be a treat for me; I can’t be more honest!

“But actually, when I got there, I was glad I’d made the effort – there was a good quality of business people in there who I enjoyed chatting too, and who were immediately enthusiastic about making connections with, and for me,” said Peter.

“I enjoyed the meeting from start to finish, but what really appealed to me is that you weren’t made to feel like a naughty schoolboy if you were unable to make a contribution, there was a chance in the middle of the meeting to follow up on some of the pitches, the spotlight presentation was fascinating, and it had me hooked.

“Oh, and the breakfast was lovely, thank you – and I now look forward to it every other Friday since I’ve joined! Which is another thing, BforB meetings are every other week, not weekly, which suits my commitments perfectly.”

Peter’s is a great testimonial to BforB, coming from an experienced networker, and we’re delighted to have him on board in Coventry. If you would like to see how BforB could work for you and your business, then check us out online:

We think you’ll LOVE it, too!