It was the American entrepreneur Victor Kiam who famously said, about a product he was selling in a TV advert: “I liked the shaver so much, I bought the company”

That quote has almost become a cliché now, but it was what Lee Vincent was thinking as he shook hands with BforB MD Mel Fisher, to confirm him as the Regional Director for Birmingham.

“I’m really excited about this,” said Lee, whose business is Vincent BMR, performance management specialists based in Solihull, where he will be building on what has already started there, and developing new groups.

“I really was thinking about Victor Kiam when I was sitting with Mel – but it’s true, I have so much faith in BforB as a fantastic platform for referral marketing and business networking, that I really did like it so much I bought a franchise.

“I’m really excited about the opportunities – becoming a member has already opened new doors for my business, and made me lots of great contacts and friends, and I want to make sure that every new member that I sign up has the same experience,” he said. “Essentially, I want to make all members better networkers.

“I want to continue the BforB trend of giving our members great value, and I want to do that through providing learning and training opportunities, as well as great networking, leading to quality referrals.”

Lee has taken the reigns from Mark Edmunds in Solihull – Mark is busy building BforB groups in Coventry and Kenilworth, and looking to move into Rugby. “Mark works really hard and has been a great support, and I want to build on what he’s started.

“Initially, I’m looking to set up a group in Knowle, which is just outside Solihull, with a further six groups to open in Solihull and Birmingham in the next two months,” he said.

So what was it about BforB that so captured his attention, and then enthusiasm to become a Regional director?

“It’s been said by many, and I share the sentiments entirely: BforB is structured, but far less regimental than other networking groups I’ve been involved with in the past,” he said. “Of course we follow a pattern, as we should do, but BforB allows for flexibility, and most importantly, all the BforB meetings I go to have a relaxed atmosphere about them – no pressure, just encouraging you to network in a friendly environment.

“I also like the fortnightly meetings: for me the rigid every week commitment can be too much of an infringement, though, that said, I often find myself attending BforB meetings in Coventry, Kenilworth and Lichfield a various points in the fortnightly cycle because I’m enjoying seeing them grow, and because there’s some great business people coming on board.”

Lee has worked hard to establish a highly respected reputation for Vincent BDR, and members are already benefitting from his wealth of knowledge about HR issues and management performance, and his Spotlight presentations never cease to be welcomed as both fascinating and enlightening. Now he wants to achieve the same respect for his BforB groups.

And having started with a famous quote from Victor Kiam, it is perhaps appropriate to finish with one.

Said Lee: “He once said: ‘never be associated with someone you can’t be proud of, whether you work for him or he works for you’ – very relevant advice for the industry I work in, but to tweak it slightly, it’s applicable to BforB too.

“I’m proud to be associated with a great networking organisation, and I want all those who come to my groups to become as proud of their association as I am.”