This week we are delighted to share some valuable Marketing tips from Steve Swift, BforB director across Warrington, Halton, Liverpool City, Chester, North Wales and Cheshire West.

Steve has a wealth of experience in business. Steve is a consultant that helps business owners to implement systems, strategies and automation into their businesses so that they can run their business successfully within a few hours a week. Steve is a gifted marketeer and has the ability to spot marketing “bottle necks” in a business very quickly.

“Marketing can be a complicated area of business development. With an abundance of freely available advice and expertise online one can often spend hours and hours researching and following elegant 21 step systems and guaranteed results programs.

Some of them even guarantee to solve your biggest business issues. One thing I can absolutely guarantee, marketing alone will not solve your biggest business issues!

The more you research and follow these complicated multi step systems to guaranteed success,  the more time goes by, while you are taking no action.

I’m a big fan of simplification and when it comes to marketing there is nothing more simple than the most effective formula  for marketing.

It has stood the test of time and it’s just 3 steps.

  1. State the problem or pain
  2. Agitate the problem or pain
  3. Solve the problem or pain

So let’s apply this formula with Business for Breakfast (BforB)

Some people find it difficult to find the time to commit to weekly networking meetings. They often find themselves struggling to make the most of their membership trying to hit networking targets whilst keeping an eye on business targets and activities. They can sometimes feel overwhelmed at times and what should be fun becomes just another transaction.

At BforB we recognise that people are busy and people are humans not computers. That’s why our meetings run every fortnight and our unique meeting formula is designed to build relationships which lead to quality referrals. We also develop skills in areas of business and personal development so people can make the most of the time between meetings to make a real difference to their marketing. Business is about people speaking to people and building solid relationships, we leave the transactions for computers.

BforB is making networking human again. 

What is the problem or pain that you solve in with your business? State it, agitate it and then present the solution in your marketing messages”