Support Our Members To Reach Their Potential


BforB has created an new online learning platform designed to support BforB members in the development of their referral marketing skills.

The new BforB Referral Academy programme is focused on increasing knowledge, skills and habitual behaviours to support members in getting more out of their experience with BforB. It has been designed specifically to enhance the BforB members’ experience and will be added to, and updated, to reflect members’ changing requirements.


The BforB Referral Academy has been developed to support and develop the social networking and referral marketing skills for members of the BforB network.


How is the training delivered?

The BforB Referral Academy programme uses a fully integrated approach to learning. This includes:

  • Unlimited access to online training materials The BforB Referral Academy will give members engaging in training access to all of the online training materials developed to take you through each of the modules planned.
  • Skype Conference Calls and Live Broadcasts the BforB Referral Academy  run approximately 8 live modules, with the opportunity to revisit them as many times as you wish to refresh knowledge during the course. The opportunity to access the broadcast will give you a chance to ask questions and engage with fellow learners.
  • Classroom based training, consultation, coaching and support (to support online learning and planned on a bespoke basis) There will be the chance for BforB groups to access ‘In-Group’ training sessions delivered after meetings.
  • Regional Masterclasses and Workshops (to support online learning and planned on a bespoke basis) There are plans for larger regional training events, given the number of learners engaged to make them viable.

All of the training activity is recorded, measured and linked back to key learning outcomes and KPI’s identified.


BforB offer an introductory module for members to test out the programme for FREE. This complimentary training module focuses on Meeting Preparation and covers all aspects of preparing for a group meeting from your 60 second presentations; to your 10 minute spotlights, and planning for your referral marketing activity.

This will allow members to experience the learning materials as well as gaining access to Masterclass events and in -group training sessions to ensure the training will work for you.


The BforB Referral Academy training will be available through the following website. Details of how to get your Username and Password will soon be shared, along with instructions as to how members can join the free initial Meeting Preparation module.


icon13 Meeting Preparation

This FREE module covers all aspects of preparation for a group meeting. It will discuss everything from social networking, 60 second presentations, 10 minute spotlights, interactions with other members and planning your referral marketing activity.

icon14 60 Second Presentations 

This includes how to define your objectives, develop a structure, rehearse and develop presentations skills and measure the outcomes • 10 Minute Spotlight – This includes specific 10-minute presentation skills, creating engagement, measuring positive outcomes and rehearsal techniques

icon15 1-2-1s 

This includes time management and effective exchange of information, finding referral opportunities, creating next actions and consistency

icon16 Networking Break 

This includes conversational and qualification skills, presenting your business, creating next steps and new opportunities

icon17 Finding opportunities 

This includes methods of finding referral opportunities, recognising strategic alliances and creating next actions leading to new business

icon18 Inviting Guests

This includes how to find potential guests, creating invitations, conversations to invite and identifies benefits for all stakeholders

icon5 Understanding Activity

This looks at the balance between time invested and the return to your business through referral marketing ensuring a positive outcome

With new Modules to be added as the training programme develops.