Another BforB group has been launched, this time an evening meeting in Coventry. It is the second BforB group in the city, with the fortnightly Friday morning meet gathering pace.

The new evening group will meet every other Tuesday from 6.30pm to 8pm, and it’s launch, at the Citrus Hotel, on the outskirts of Coventry, a big success for regional director Mark Edmunds.

“It was a superb meeting, with some terrific people in the room, lots of energy and enthusiasm, excellent 60 second pitches from everyone,” said Mark. “Not only that, we were treated to an excellent presentation on the virtues of Linked In from social media specialist and trainer Amanda Morris, whose company is Sunflower(va).

“Everyone went away having made some new connections, and much the wiser about Linked In thanks to Amanda, and I’m looking forward to building this group and turning it into a vibrant environment for quality referral marketing and networking.”

Mark launched his fortnightly Friday morning BforB group in Coventry at the turn of this year, and it has established itself as a busy meeting with connections being made and great business being done.

“In the spirit of BforB, our meetings are always lively, fun, but organised and busy, with some fantastic 10 minute spotlights over the past few months,” said Mark.

“We’re signing up some first class business people, all very good and successful at what they do, and it’s been great to see the relationships being made, and hearing about the business being done – which is what BforB is all about.”

The next BforB Coventry morning group is on Friday, June 28th, at the Hilton Doubletree Hotel, just off Junction 2 of the M6. BforB’s evening meeting in Coventry next meets on Tuesday, July 2nd. For more information, call Mark Edmunds on 07830 518824.