To become a member, simply fill in the online membership application (click here to download) and send it through to your regional director, or email it to where your application will be assessed and approved.




We can help you sustainably grow your business with over 15 years’ experience in delivering successful referral marketing campaigns in the UK.

As a member of BforB, you will have access to an exclusive referral marketing group that are actively on the lookout for new business, contacts and expertise to help you and your business grow. This includes:

icon6 Access to meetings:

It is like meeting your business representatives and marketing or sales team. The meetings are used as your opportunity to brief your group to new success stories, achievements and opportunities you are working with or plan to work with.

icon7 Invitations to events:

Social events are also organised to bring members together and enhance alliances between members regionally and nationally. This also includes an annual awards dinner which celebrates best practice across the network.

icon8 Market sector exclusivity:

Within each group you will be the only member, or guest, specialising in your business sector. Therefore, you will be the only lawyer, plasterer, web designer, or dog walker in your group.

icon9 Member Development Programmes:

We want to help you become a successful referral marketer, and have therefore created a host of member development programmes including the proprietary BforB Referral Academy. This new online learning platform is focussed on increasing knowledge, skills and habitual behaviours to support members in getting more out of their experience with BforB.

icon10 Referral tracking:

The leadership executive team will help keep track of the referrals being passed to understand where additional support may be required.

icon11 BforB profile:

Members get a complimentary member profile on our web site. This will give you an opportunity to introduce yourself to the wider community that our website attracts. An additional avenue of winning potential referrals and introductions through BforB.

A support network from fellow members:ntwr

BforB members can get access to an incredible amount of expertise. The vast pool of contacts through your fellow members will not only introduce you but also recommend you to their network which is priceless. We believe that recommendations are 85% more reliable than cold calling.