I’m often asked if ladies only networking actually works! The answer is quite simply ‘yes’.  Across BforB we have a growing number of ladies only groups, and Christine Thorpe has represented her business at Bolton, Bury and now Salford.  Here’s what she had to say, and if you want to find out for yourself get in touch!   ….  Mel Fisher, Director, BforB. Tel : 0845 688 44 45


“As MD of Digital Telecom Airtime Limited, along with my co-directors, we have always maintained networking was the way to grow our business. 

I have been networking now for over 12 years and during that time I have attended many events. By chance I was invited by my local Hairdresser/Beauticians ‘Masquerade’, to an all ladies group which met every 2 weeks at The Macron Stadium.  Out of politeness I agreed to attend with nothing to lose.

The past ‘all ladies network events’ I had attended were more of a social gathering, rather than ladies who really meant business. I was pleasantly surprised when I attended the meeting to see and experience the friendliness of the meeting, also the real business transactions that took place.

From that first meeting I decided I would join and within weeks I had signed my first referred business through the group with a value of £25k and growing!  I’d like to point out that this was a guest who attended! To date we have invoiced in excess of £30,500 and have referred business to other members of around £8,500

Friendships also blossom within the BforB, which advocates the ‘know, like and trust ethos’. Through one of these friendships with Jacqueline Hilton we have diversified our business into another area enabling our business to be a one stop shop. Not only do we now have within the umbrella of Digital Telecom Airtime Limited, Airtime Telecoms we can now offer Airtime Utilities.  It’s not just about the business you can achieve, the opportunities within BforB networking is opportunistic and there to be investigated.  Jackie now attends the Manchester Ladies BforB Group at the Ainscow, which is alternate Tuesday’s. Another dynamic group of ladies who really do mean business.

Basically without BforB this opportunity would not have happened at such a prime time with the long awaited de regularisation of water along with highly competitive business rates for gas and electricity.   Thanks BforB”.

Christine Thorpe ~ Digital Telecom Airtime Ltd

www.dtairtime.co.uk   ~ Tel :  01204 575 652