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Networking Tips

How To Build Strategic Alliances Through Referral Marketing


Making networking a success takes time and commitment. If you’re attending a referral marketing group for the first time here are a few important tips to consider:


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Clarify your objectives:


Like any aspect of your business, you should understand what you want to get out of your referral marketing activity. Is it to build a stronger network of suppliers; improve confidence or skills; or simply gain introductions for new clients or contracts. Once you know this, set yourself realistic goals and targets.

Be clear about your perfect referral:


During the meeting you will have the chance to showcase your business with a personal 60 second introduction to yourself and your business. Write it out and practice it before the meeting. Be clear, concise and to the point about what you do; highlight how you are different and don’t forget to ask for specific referrals.

Book in one-to-one’s:


Organise a meeting with members of the group outside the meeting for a more informal discussion. Those who take the time to conduct one-to-one meetings forge stronger strategic alliances, resulting in higher levels of quality referrals.

Focus on building relationships:


Get to know, and build trust with, fellow members. Successful referral marketing campaigns are built on our “know, like and trust” philosophy. Get this right and you will build strategic alliances that will serve as a valuable asset for the life of your company.

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