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Be Our Guest

Join As A Guest And Unlock Your Potential Through Referral Marketing



Joining a Business for Breakfast meeting as a guest will allow you to see the meeting framework in action and better understand how it will work for you and your business contacts. It is our promise that you can attend BforB meetings as a guest, without the obligation to commit as a member straight away.

Whether you’ve been invited by a member, or one of our regional directors. This can only mean one thing, your business sector is available to benefit from our referral marketing meetings and events.

At a Business for Breakfast group, you will have sector exclusivity, meaning that there will be no other competing businesses asking for the same referrals.

Contact us and book onto a meeting today to avoid your competitors taking the opportunity and locking you out of a group.

" I joined BforB because it is a good way for me to build a network of professionals that I can call upon to help me and my clients."

John, Key Commercial Finance


BforB in action

Take a look at one of our groups working together to help build their businesses through the power of referral marketing.

What To Expect

Each group has its own personality and mix of businesses. The best way to find out which one suits you is to join a meeting as a guest.

Whether you’re experienced in business networking or new to referral marketing, you will always be welcomed into a BforB group.

Our meetings and events are structured to facilitate, and encourage, members to build strategic business alliances and pass quality referrals that turn into real business.

Relaxed and friendly culture

BforB is different from other referral marketing organisations. We’ve created a welcoming, relaxed and friendly culture where members want to support their fellow members through passing quality referrals, but are not pressured into passing poor leads.

There are no demands on the number of referrals or guests you bring; we only ask that as a member you commit to the group.

The more you invest into your group, the more you will get from it.

At your BforB meeting you will not only be introduced to the group, but also invited to deliver a 60 second pitch on your business to highlight what you do, and what makes you different. It is always useful to prepare and practice your short introduction in advance.

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