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BforB International Womens Day's Compilation of World’s most Inspiring Women

Updated: Mar 8

A professional sports team, a country, a networking, a business and a dating app all have in common in the recent times is that they are all at some point led by women in one form or another.

In light of International Women’s Day, March 8th - this month we focus on women, and the contributions they make every day. We certainly don’t need a particular month to give women much deserved recognition, we collaborate with women leadership at the forefront of network every single day.

Women today are unstoppable, and their power and influence is rising.

Increasingly women demand a new society, a society that gives them choices - they can choose to do anything, be anything, and women are building the systems that enable them to do that.

Forbes compiled few of the Inspiring Women to celebrate the International Women to whom we align with in terms of their impact in the entrepreneurial world today.

Do let us know if you recognised and are able to name them with ease below.

Images Courtesy of Forbes

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