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BforB Stockport Thursday Breakfast

BforB Stockport Thursday Breakfast
From: Thursday 15 December 2022 Until: Thursday 29 June 2023 (UTC+00)
LoCATION: Alma Lodge, 149 Buxton Road, Heavily, Stockport, Manchester SK2 6EQ


Business Referral Networking is the most effective, efficient positive, & least expensive way for any company to attract new business.

Most of the best referrals we have seen over the years have come from unusual industries or sectors & have been transacted by the most patient and proactive business owners. Networking can work as a very powerful tool organizations of any size, industry or location. Many successful entrepreneurs nurture their wealth of contacts by regularly connecting with them.

If you would like to join one of our BforB Business Networking Clubs Please go to our Website at: or call us on: 0330 118 8980 or you can email us at:

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