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Buy, Build and Sell a Business without using your own money in collaboration with BforB

A ‘done for you’ strategy.

Myth busting sessions put together with BforB by Paul Johnson in his mission to help create 200 millionnaires by 2030. Could you become a part of this collaboration?

Paul has over 20 years’ experience in the Mergers & Acquisitions Space; Buying, Building & Selling Companies. He qualified as a Chartered Accountant, Chartered Tax Advisor and an Accredited Strategic Planner in the 90’s, he’s a multiple Business owner and he’s coached, mentored and presented seminars to thousands of business owners around the World

Whether you’re looking to buy a Company without using your own money or to build your existing business, with a view to selling it one day, Paul can definitely help.

As an introduction, click this link to watch Paul’s FREE 60-minute webinar. Once your done with the webinar emerse yourself in creating the strategy that could set you off to your successful investing journey. Click here for more details. Use this coupon code B4BGROWTHX on the website to access all current (and future) BforB special offers and discounts. It is a great start to watch the FREE webinar and book a strategy session with Paul to fast track your growth with proven strategies.

In 2001, Paul was one of BforB's start - up member, and harnessed the power of BforB networking groups to build his Accountancy practice to over 100 clients which he then sold to move into the M & A space.

During his membership we created a strategic plan for Business for Breakfast that helped to develop growth and expansion in the Region. Opportunities in Buy, Build and Sell businesses that reunite us again this time focusing on helping our network 'Grow, Develop and Exit their businesses. With this formidable expertise behind you, you could be in for a treat.

Online and face to face Q & A Sessions are available at your convenience. For more details call 0330 118 8980 now.

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