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Love franchising month

The Nigel Brooks Story, CEO, BforB UK

Franchising has help start my own national business and become part of an international team in a quick and efficient way.

Remember the franchise model gives an insight into what the business you buy will be like before you actually buy it, which is an incredibly powerful piece of information to have right there.

Definitely select something that you enjoy, when I started my first franchised business as a consultant my friends from my days in school asked what I did and I said I went and met people for a cup of coffee and chatted to them about how to help their business at networking events.

I, in essence, hobnobbed for a living, and they said that was crazily brilliant, and I was inclined to agree! But I then went on one step further to secure a franchise that did exactly that!! Everyone has a network, even the guy that rarely leaves his house still has a family that brought him into the world, a next door neighbour and a postman, all of whom you could argue are part of his network.

Networking is something that humans as social animals need to do. Isolation if that was something the Covid-19 pandemic taught us that it meant shut up, majority of people as often as possible look to be bonding and socialising with others and in business we want to be out securing the next deal.

So for me a networking franchise was the ultimate way of securing my future whilst adding as much value to as many people as I possibly could, by giving them the forum with which to secure what it is they needed.

In summary

Running your own business is no easy feat, there aren’t many shortcuts, but if you don’t have a product or a lot of capital to invest in starting from the bottom: consider a franchise, the only real limiting factor (if you do your due diligence and select the right franchise to join) is yourself, the time and hard work you are prepared to put into making it successful, and often if the model is right, a couple of years of hard work will yield a successful business that you can accelerate to the next level and sell for a fantastic price, buy it: build it: sell it, buy it: build it: sell it…and so on. What you will quickly come to realise is if the model is mapped out so well, all you really need to do is focus your energies on building and growing it, everything else can be done by someone else.

Meet us at our discovery venues in London this March to find out more about BforB opportunities.


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