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Make sure you are being paid under the right tax code

Updated: Mar 8

According to “The Tax Refund Company” there are 7 million taxpayers are missing out on a tax refund worth an average of £204 each!

When you started your new business or job or even if you have been running your own business or in a job for a long time yet haven’t been able to apply for tax review, its time you check. With the cost of living sky rocketing being in the wrong tax code can mean you are earning less than what you deserve.

The government has a FREE portal for you to check this and potentially correct your future pay. In most cases it would be a sure way to salary increase.! Check Now

Our vision is to create a well -connected society with access to expertise they require to resolve problems they might meet in any aspects and stages of running your business or stages of decision-making and completing a job or work. Problem with money is currently affecting everyone mostly individuals, but goes much further - it damages families and communities.

By helping in many ways, offering you insights and tips from our experts we anticipate that, you are helped to overcome the difficulties that reduced cash flow creates for our entrepreneurial society in the 21st century.

Our business referral networking has helped transform local businesses. We will continue to champion all that’s best in our network and share collective and important detailsincluding individual Tax Refunds potentially available to you.

The value of what we do can never be underestimated.

We hope to see you at our meetings soon or email:  for more support.

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