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Seize your summer Networking opportunities

Do you know what I've decided after this long hot summer so far ………The sun is very distracting! Would you agree? Maybe it's because it is a very rare occurrence here in the UK, this can be challenging from a work perspective.

The sun is out and the temperatures are rising: It’s summer time! And although the summer brings BBQs, garden parties and “Summer Fridays” in the office, there’s one area often overlooked, and it got me thinking ………business still goes on in the summer months so what do you do to beat your competitors on the sales opportunities?

The other half of my brain says the kids are off, the sun is shining and our minds are often anywhere else other than work.

But what if, instead of missing out this summer, you seize the opportunities instead?

Focus on it, keep the momentum going that you’ve worked hard all year to build. Let’s do something that your competitors aren’t!

When the weather is nice, the majority of us want to be outdoors, right? The owners and managers at businesses are no different. And that’s why during the summer season you’ll discover many networking opportunities.

For some small businesses, the summer is the busiest time of year. But for others, it’s the slow season. Regardless of what time of year it is for you, there are things all business owners can do this summer to be proactive and productive.

And whether you’re taking advantage of the extra foot traffic in your business or a quiet space in time to reflect and think about your future goals, planning in networking is vital.

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