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Small Business Diaries

Reflecting on what 2023 had been here at BforB we look back to what the year's diary for us and for our network reviewing our events, activities and meetings. Some amazing tales of successes and new found collaborations had taken place.

Inspiring us to build the BforB Podcast to share with you some of these brilliant entrepreneur journeys. As we keep our eyes focused on outcomes and value of time invested against results, listen to what our guests has to say. We asked them, " Was there a tremedous achievements? " "Did you meet your objectives and what could you do better in 2024, what would you change and what appointments would you cancel having now known the outcome?"

In the middle of your coming and going with many activities throughout we are keen to know the stories behind the appointments in your diary. BforB is looking forward to the launch of 'Small Business Diaries' Podcast in December 2023 featuring stories of small businesses in the UK and international. Check back next month for link to download our podcast series.

Contact us for more details on or to get involved. Fill in the form here to register your interest.

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