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Sustainability and Ethical Concern

Updated: Apr 8

Environmental and Social Governance in BforB at a Glance.

 Increasingly, consumers and regulatory bodies are scrutinizing supply chains for environmental sustainability, ethical labour practices, and social responsibility. Failure to address these concerns can damage brand reputation and lead to loss of market share.

Accordingly in franchising, sustainability and ethical practices can lead to long term success. It is the characteristics and standardised operating procedure, brand consistency and central support mechanisms that could open sustainability to become the missing piece in capturing the ever changing customer preferences in modern franchising.

At BforB we work constantly in many areas of development and regularly review policies and implementation systems to ensure we practice good governance of modern business. To contribute to environmental impact of travels for example, we hosts our events dedicated to local entrepreneurs allowing them to network within 20 minutes of their business addresses by sourcing good local venue partners in the area. This essential element of our standard practice in the last 23 years, also ensures that a local business venues benefits from the money spent by our guests and members who attends.

In reinforcing social sustainability of our governance, BforB operates a mandatory business operational procedure of building a networking group focused on diversity and inclusion. A small, medium or large business in whatever sector and sexual orientation are welcomed and contributes to our club in similar manner and required to build longer lasting business relationship in a way where everyone benefits in the process. In fact, we adopt our meeting and events timings to suit all businesses.

Balancing these sustainability principles alongside the pressure of costs is currently challenging. We call on the enterprising community to support us in encouraging awareness and work together within franchising industry and beyond.

Experience BforB in action. Visit us at our groups near you.

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