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Does somebody have to lose? Or can it be win:win:win

Subtitle: Nigel Brookes, CEO of BforB - UK – improves the value of BforB franchises

“All you need to make a franchise succeed, is the drive, grit and determination to implement the model” words I lived by when I bought my first franchise years ago. Now as part of the first UK founded business networking franchise I’ve come to learn that running a business or franchise is not solely about succeeding, however you define success: money turned over, profits reached or longevity of business. Being an entrepreneur is about building something to stand back and be proud of. The great thing about running a franchise like BforB is that we can look at the box and constantly consider what can we put into it to make it more valuable. It isn’t enough that our members continue to pay, or our franchisees renew at the end of their licence term which causes us to grow. If lockdown has taught me anything its that people look for value, they don’t shop on price alone.

To be a truly great opportunity we have to think about where the most value is, and how do we deliver that to our franchisees and members in the UK and abroad. So how do we put more value in the BforB box? By developing a system to give-give-give we have found a way for our colleagues to market their franchises where not only do we get brand awareness and promotion to grow, but our customers get the same benefit at the same time as an extra added value. We’ve looked at our licence fee and made it more accessible to new franchise partners to get started so more of the profits go towards starting with a strong foundation, meaning more businesses can be a part of a growing network and benefit.

As our UK franchise product/service provides what every business needs: more business, we have developed an end to end system of generating qualified leads for our start-up franchisees to manage and own, thus extending their reach meaning more customers take advantage of our forums to access to what they need: other businesses locally to integrate into their supply chain. By thinking about what would benefit and add value to our clients and our team of franchisees, every addition or change we make to the franchise opportunity we are stepping more towards the perfect (for us) win:win:win scenario.

Our franchise model is that unless our franchisees are making money, we don’t make money; unless our customers make money, our franchisees don’t make money, as we are all linked, we need to have that as the basis for our strategy. We have broken from the idea of sales for the sake of sales. Our network is made up of like minded individuals all supporting one another to grow and develop. As the Headquarters and beating heart of that UK operation, we have to accept the responsibility to feed, develop and drive that culture in 2023 as we continue to grow our franchise across the UK and globally.

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