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Make Your Summer Months 2023 your Best

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

Striving as a small business during the summer months can present both opportunities and challenges. Over the years there are common barriers to concluding a deal or reaching out to that important client and converting those conversions into productive outcomes. In this series I would focus on planning for seasonal fluctuation.

Most small business hit their seasonal fluctuations in summer months. To maintain your competitive edge, it is good to understand how the summer season impacts your business and plan accordingly. Some businesses experiences a slowdown during summer due to vacations or changes in consumer behaviour. Some prospecting processes simply have reduced resources both staffing and supplier due to holiday breaks. Anticipating this and adjusting your operations, inventory, and staffing levels accordingly can easily ease your risks with the help of your network.

At BforB, we have experts in staffing and HR Solutions should you need one. Email for more details.

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