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Seize your Networking Opportunities During the Summer Holidays

Do you agree that when it comes to sunny days and school holidays many of us are a tad distracted and therefore felling that have achieved less of what we usually aim to do? With few bank holidays ahead and the summer holidays approaching work can be in the back burner for many of us. Would you agree?

Although BBQ's, garden parties and "Summer Fridays" in the office are great way to wind down having too many of it might also lead to potentially overlooked opportunities, that got me thinking.... business still goes on during holidays so, what do you do to beat your competitors on sales at networking meetings?

Keeping your business ahead of the curve especially in these treacherous trading conditions might need a plan or two. Growing a business sometimes comes from taking advantage of the extra customer or two. Our experience tells us that businesses that plan and prepare ahead of time are best positioned to strategize and are more creative in their approach. You know when someone had put extra thought in their networking!

So my top networkers have these tried and tested 6 tips;

  1. Mark your diary and create a plan on days you are likely to be on holidays or are taking care of the children or looking to take a break then organise contingencies. Simple and makes a lot of common sense. Successful networkers already does this by creating partnership with their suppliers and business friends allowing cover for each other at rare opportunities like holidays.

  2. Organise auto -responders and create a correct prospect sign posting journey with your email messages. Another really standard stuff and very effective yet under - utilised.

  3. Hire a PA ( virtual or physical) your choice.!

  4. Get as much as one to one meetings completed. Professional networkers would have referrals to complete, introduction to make and testimonials to write. Review these outstanding contributions to your networking meetings and complete them before your holidays. Its Thursday i know! Get cracking.

  5. Automate. Is there an automated social media manager? Yes. Emails? Yes. Blogs? Yes and most probably phone answering services or stocks ordering systems.

  6. Last but not least. Give your notices. Skipping away unnoticed might work when things in your offices are going well, yet many urgent client demands and bespoke enquiries happens at a drop of a hat. When your networking team and meeting is aware you are taking your holidays they could help alleviate client stress, customer disappointments or referral urgency.

This time of the year there is a tendency that networking are more relaxed, colleagues and connections we find are more open to ideas. Ask for support when you need it. Best groups thrive in helping each other and working together. Reciprocity is what makes BforB, visit us soon and find out more.

We have a new web site, visit us on or Call 0330 118 8980 for a chat.

Let us know if you have your own suggestion on the above.

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