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Networking to Match your Skills with Opportunities

Networking can be an effective means of matching your skills to new opportunities.

Below are some strategies for effectively networking in order to find opportunities that match your skills:

Identifying your key skills and strengths is the first step in matching your skills to opportunities in business. Some sectors can collaborate and lend expertise to each other.

Consider your strengths, your interests, and what distinguishes you from others in your field.

Attend networking events such as industry conferences or business meetings to meet people in your industry and learn about new opportunities.

Bring along copies of your literatures and LinkedIn profile handy with some business cards to hand out to other in the meeting to help your new contacts remember you.

Connect with people through social media platforms as soon as you are able.

As much as possible seek out mentors who can provide guidance and advice on how to match your skills with new opportunities. Mentors can help you identify your strengths, develop your skills, and introduce you to new opportunities. Ideal mentors are can take time to find. It is great to keep in mind the criteria you are looking for with the goals you are hoping to achieve.

Volunteer your skills and expertise to non-profit organizations or community groups you will find many of them attending networking meetings solely for this purpose. This can provide opportunities to showcase your skills, build your portfolio, and make connections that may lead to new opportunities that could be available to you on referrals and recommendations basis found in organised networking environment.

Happy Networking.

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