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Tim Heatley, the Entrepreneur Behind BBC's Manctopia: Billion Pound Property Boom Headlines BforB

Tim Heatley, the Entreprenuer behind BBC's Manctopia: Billion Pound Property Boom is set to open the BforB Growth Conference 2023.

In amongst projects across Liverpool, Bolton, Piccadilly, Stockport, Stoke & Sheffield and as chair of the Greater Manchester Mayor's Charity; Tim is an entrepreneur who leaves nothing but growth and success in his wake.

BforB are proud and privileged to welcome such a phenomenal entrepreneur to lead the opening ceremony of the BforB High Growth Conference 2023.

Join Entrepreneurs on mission of Growth and Upskilling at the 2023 single day conference to celebrate Entrepreneurialism in all its form as part of Global Entrepreneurship Week.

We've invited specialist guest speakers to impart their skills & knowledge:

Strategy, Sales, Marketing, Technology, Finance are all the aspects successful entrepreneurs and business professionals need.

Join us for the networking event of the year!

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