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Welcome to the team Amy!

Hi everyone.

My name is Amy Tobias and I’m the assistant producer of Small Business Diaries! So I am a recent Masters graduate in international journalism and I have a background in journalism and broadcasting as well.

From this I've gained quite a lot of experience in terms of producing and editing, more specifically in the area of radio and podcasting, and that's something that I'm also really interested in developing as a future career.

I’m also someone who’s passionate about championing neurodiversity in the workplace and how we can make our work environments more inclusive spaces for neurodivergent people.

I’m super excited to be involved with the process of Small Business Diaries BforB Podcast building up from the very beginning and seeing how it develops, and meeting a host of really interesting new people along the way and learning about their business stories, their advice to people starting out, how they find networking and all those sorts of things, as well as continuing to hone my expertise in production in podcasting, in editing and hopefully develop personally and develop meaningful relationships too.

I’m looking forward to making more episodes of the Small Business Diaries podcast and I look forward to you hearing them every Wednesday!

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